Why should you exercise?

We are constantly told that exercise is good that we should exercise more etc … But why is exercise so good for us? why should you exercise? maybe you have never done it before, why start now?

Here are a few benefits to get you started.

  • You will have less risk of blood clots

  • You get more energy during the day

  • You will be better and faster to solve problems

  • You get better memory

  • You are reducing the risk of getting diabetes ll

  • You improve your endurance

  • You get a healthy and well functioning body

  • Better mood

  • Higher stress tolerance

  • stronger bones

  • Stabilization of diferent kinds of Hormones

  • Less risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

  • You get more confidence

Here are some reasons to why exercise has all these benefits:

  • Trained muscles produce hormones that make the body work better.

  • Muscles become better at utilizing oxygen because they get more small blood vessels.

  • The ability of muscles to use fat gets better.

  • A trained muscle can contain twice as much sugar as an untrained muscle. And sugar is used slower. These enhance insulin sensitivity so that the risk for type 2 diabetes are reduced.

  • Blood pressure drops

  • Oxygen uptake rises

  • The heart becomes bigger and stronger, and therefore send more blood around the body.

  • The good cholesterol increases (HDL)

  • Lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL)

  • The platelets from clumping together is reduced.

  • Triglycerides (bad fat in the blood) decreased.

  • Appetite regulation works better.

  • Stabilization of the div. hormone

WHO has predicted that in 2020, 70% of diseases be lifestyle-related. And the way it goes at the moment, they might not be completely wrong.


If you do light to moderate exercise regularly, you strengthen what is called “metabolic fitness”.

Metabolic fitness is the cell’s ability to transport and transform nutrients, mainly fat and sugar.

If you do exercises that get your heart working and make you breathless (cardio), you improve your fitness (fitness).

Stamina is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can absorb. Also called aerobic fitness.

When you improve the metabolic fitness you do not improve your fitness.

But when you improve your fitness, you also improve the metabolic fitness.

You don’t need much equipment to start exercising at home, actually you don’t need any exercise equibment at all. You can do a lot of exercises with your own body weight (calinetic). Some rubber bands with different recistant can make you sweat if you are up for it. if you need to up it a bit more, you can get some kettlebells or dumbells and maybe a gymball, you don’t actually need more than that for your home gym.


Muscle strength, fitness and metabolic fitness languish if it is not used.



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